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In Stornoway parlance “haoidh coves and blones – any yarns down the vile?”

The Name Stornoway

The name Stornoway (Scottish Gaelic-‘Steornabhagh’) derives from ‘Sjornavagr’, the Old Norse for ‘steering bay’. Stornoway has been settled since at least Viking times although there is archaeological evidence of Neolithic activity in the near vicinity of the town.

Stornoway 1964


Sy 1964

See if you can recognise anyone in this 13 minute colour film of Stornoway taken in 1964 by a visitor during Carnival Week Look out for some of of our public lecture films too on our You Tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2b-DhNUD2g © Ken Holgate. Used...

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