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In Stornoway parlance “haoidh coves and blones – any yarns down the vile?”

The Name Stornoway

The name Stornoway (Scottish Gaelic-‘Steornabhagh’) derives from ‘Sjornavagr’, the Old Norse for ‘steering bay’. Stornoway has been settled since at least Viking times although there is archaeological evidence of Neolithic activity in the near vicinity of the town.

Stornoway 1964


Work of the herring girls

Work of the herring girls Girls at their first year at the gutting were called cÚibhlearan or coilers. They were paid less than the older girls due to their slowness and inexperience. They had to learn quickly. By the following season they would be fully proficient in...

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History of Stornoway Airport

The fourth in the Society's winter series of public lectures for 2016/17 will be held on Thursday 23 February 2017 at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers, Sandwick Road. Our guest speaker will be Duncan Smith and his subject will be the history of Stornoway...

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