Chief Magistrates and Provosts

Norman Maciver Shipowner 1864-1867
Donald Munro Chamberlain of the Lews 1867-1874
Donald Mackenzie Shipmaster 1874-1877
William Mackay Chamberlain of the Lews 1877-1882
Matthew Russell Merchant 1882-1885
Murdo Macleod Bank Agent 1885-1891
Donald Smith Fishcurer 1891-1892
Donald Smith Fishcurer 1892-1897
John N. Anderson Solicitor 1897-1909
John Mackenzie Fishcurer 1909-1916
Murdo Maclean Merchant 1916-1919
Roderick Smith Chemist 1919-1922
Kenneth Mackenzie Manufacturer 1922-1925
Louis Bain Fishcurer 1925-1930
Alexander Maclennan Retired Merchant 1930-1933
Roderick Smith Chemist 1933-1939
Alexander John Mackenzie Tweed Manufacturer 1939-1959
Donald James Stewart Tweed Sales Director 1959-1965
Mrs. Ann Urquhart
Donald James Stewart Tweed Sales Director 1968-1970
Alasdair Macdonald Matheson Hotelier 1970-1971
Alexander Matheson Pharmacist 1971-1975

Murdoch Macleod

The administration of the Burgh of Stornoway remained in the hands of the Superiors until 1825 when the proprietrix, the Hon.ACTION NEEDED